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Becoming an Open Diver 2018

Transformation into a Diver. A great challenge! Either you face it or you lost it

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Before the end of 2018, I did something that exceeded my expectations. I challenged myself to become an open water diver, and it turned out to be a remarkable achievement in my life.

Strictly speaking, I didn't know how to swim, and I had a fear of water since childhood. But I still tried my best to learn swimming. Since then, i had a little basic about swimming. I knew to swim in "frog style". A handicapped frog...because I had difficulty to overcome the fear of water. If you threw me into water, I became panic easily. This was the reason I cant master swimming. 

I learnt in a hard way, in which I go swim alone without any partners , I learnt together with kids and I had short period of time to learn swimming before entering Year 1 university life. 

Fast forward to 2018, I still hadn't completely conquered my fear of water, but I decided to take up the open water diver course to prove to myself that I could overcome it and embrace a more adventurous and exciting life. I am grateful to my good friend, Yong, who introduced me to her tutor, Mr. Yusof, in Langkawi. Yong is an amazing friend—adventurous, supportive, and honest. If she recommended Mr. Yusof as the best tutor, I believed her without hesitation.

Now, I strongly recommend Mr. Yusof as a tutor to all of you. Without much consideration, I participated in the 3-day, 2-night open water diver course in Langkawi, which cost around RM 1450 (excluding flight tickets and accommodation). In total, I spent less than RM 2200 for the entire trip, including food.

Once again, I traveled alone as most of my friends were advanced divers. However, if you travel with someone, you can share accommodation and food expenses. You can pay the course fee at the end either via bank transfer or in cash. The duration of my stay was 4 days and 3 nights in Langkawi. The course itself took 3 days and 2 nights, but I needed to wait at least 12 hours after the last dive before taking my flight.

Here are a few special things you need to prepare in advance: a swimsuit (which you can buy in Langkawi), a towel (available in most motels and hotels), no need for goggles as they will be provided, shorts, water-resistant sunscreen, and a GoPro camera if you wish to capture underwater videos or photos.

For accommodation, I stayed at Sweet Inn Motel, a modest inn with air conditioning, TV, and basic amenities. The price was moderate. If you're looking to cut down your budget, there are other inns and simple rooms available for around RM 50 per night. Since it was a holiday for me, I wanted to pamper myself with a slightly nicer place. Sweet Inn Motel was conveniently located near Pantai Cenang, just a short walk away, and there were plenty of food options nearby.

In terms of transportation, I used Grab from Langkawi Airport to the inn. Yusof's company arranged a driver to pick me up from the place I stayed and take me to the yacht for the course. So, transportation during the course was taken care of.

Now, let's talk about the course itself. On the first day, you will learn the principles and equipment with Yusof. Subsequently, you will practice the techniques in the swimming pool.

On the second day, you will dive near an island with Yusof, with a depth of up to 8 meters, and put into practice the techniques you learned. On the third day, you will have another dive near an island, this time with a depth of up to 12 meters.

Throughout the course, you will receive a tutorial book. It's essential to pay attention to the teachings and study the book at night. On the third day, there will be an exam, and you must pass both the exam and the practical skills to qualify as an open water diver.

The sea and weather were beautiful during my experience. If you're lucky enough to have good weather, everything will go smoothly. On my last day, I successfully passed the exam and diving skills! Yusof also took many breathtaking diving videos and photos for me. His photography and videography skills are truly impressive. I cannot upload the videos here as they are too large (GoPro Hero 6).

From a personal perspective, I was initially terrified of the diving experience. As someone who feared water, it seemed impossible. However, with Yusof's guidance, I pushed through and have no regrets. I genuinely enjoyed the dives. Although I still feel moments of panic in the water, this experience has made me stronger and more resilient.

There was nothing impossible in this world! Only lack of people who want to change it to possible!

Still, life is fantasy!

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