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Gunung Lambak 2023

Climbing this beautiful Gunung Lambak on the birthday of my wife.
Took quite of struggles and energy.
Happy wife. Happy me!

It is my wife birthday. My job is to make my wife happy

Happy wife, happy life, happy me.

Although mountain climbing requires a significant amount of energy, which can be challenging for someone like me who considers themselves too old for such activities. But my wife like mountain climbing. Still, on this special day, I decided to bring her to climb this Gunung Lambak. This mountain is still considered a Level 2 mountain boss (begineer level). For my level, I noob can only climb low level mountain, if not, you may need to CPR me in the middle of the mountain.

Just a brief description for this Gunung Lambak, Kluang Johor. Gunung Lambak stands tall with its lush green surroundings and captivating natural beauty. It is characterized by its distinct peak, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. The mountain is covered in dense tropical rainforest, with a variety of flora and fauna that add to its allure. What more important, it is a Level 2 moutain boss! I dont care it is full of flora fauna or full of gold bars, I just dont wish someone need to revive me halfway.

Level 2 mountain boss

We set off from Johor Bahru at 6 am, and the journey took approximately 2 hours to reach our destination. The mountain was bustling with people, all filled with energy and enthusiasm. It was inspiring to see even the elderly taking on the challenge of climbing this mountain and showcasing their fitness. Interestingly, there is no need to worry about arriving early as we noticed some individuals starting their climb as late as 12 pm, although the weather can become extremely hot by that time. The atmosphere was relaxed and laid-back.

Before embarking on the climb, it's important to remember to bring essential items such as water, snacks, a towel, mosquito repellent, sunscreen for protection against sunburn and future skin health, as well as sturdy sports shoes. Due to certain steep sections of the mountain, having proper footwear is crucial. Some climbers even opted to bring walking sticks or gloves to aid them during rope-assisted climbs.

It was really exhausting for a non sporty person like me. I felt fatigue and tired. I need to get some rest in between the road. Thank my wife for her patience. I guess climbing this mountain was considered a easy task for her. She is Level 5. The whole journey, you can see I struggled with my stamina while she maintained her joyous spirit, while she was happy. Indeed a cute wife. It took us about 2hour 30min to reach the peak of the mountain.

Upon reaching the summit and taking in the view, one may wonder if it was worth the effort. Perhaps, for some, it may be subjective. It was a good exercise, a good family event and good for health. Anyhow, we manage to conquer a level 2 mountain boss. It was full of sweat and joy. It is not that difficult, just ensure you get enough rest in between the journey, I can guaranetee that you sure can reach the peak of the mountain. After a short rest, we decided to come down and it took us about 1hour 30minutes. The descent was comparatively easier.

To conclude our journey in Kluang, we visited Kluang Kopitiam for some coffee, roti, and chicken rice, providing a satisfying end to our adventure. Our tired legs deserved a break. However, I can already sense that my wife is eager for another mountain climbing experience during the next festival... OMG! I Love you my wife and happy birthday!

Be positive. Life is fantasy.

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